What We Do

SPARKS! Web Design

Web & Mobile Development

SPARKS! offers a development package for any type of budget.  And our Site Management Plans make it easy for you to keep your website up-to-date. All support, hosting, email, and domain services are managed in-house […]


Social Media

Social Media is no longer an accessory to your online presence. It is a vital component of an integrated internet marketing plan.  Sure, your website might generate a few thousand visitors a month, but your Social […]

SPARKS! Marketing Services


SPARKS! helps companies to plan and implement practical marketing solutions. We help our clients to learn more about their customers, their competition – even about their own companies. Then, we help them to develop creative strategies […]


Internet Marketing & SEO

A beautiful website with great content is important, but it means nothing if customers can’t find your site!  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a “set-and-forget” action.  It requires planning, active management and monitoring.  The major search […]


Video Production

You’ve heard the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” right? Well, one minute of video is worth over a million words and not just because it appears at 30 pictures – well, […]


Advertising and Creative Services

Everyday, our world is becoming more and more content-driven. Technology has given us the ability not only to create visuals that were once unimaginable, but to deliver content in very targeted, specific ways.  Creative advertising can […]


Google’s Mobile-Friendly Ranking

Is your website mobile-friendly? Not just, how does it look on a mobile phone, but is it being ranked by Google as being mobile-friendly? Beginning on April 21, Google will be using mobile-friendliness as a ranking […]

How To Reach Your Target Audience

How do you reach your target audience that comprises of employees in different levels of each company? What is the best strategy? Instead of going with one strategy and one social platform, your best method is […]

Why You Should Have A Social Media Policy

It goes without saying that social media changes rapidly, something that was new on Tuesday could be considered ancient on Wednesday. It is a fast-moving machine. These days, almost any company that wants to reach […]